My approach to counseling and psychotherapy is highly collaborative. Listening closely and asking pertinent questions is the first step. When a person has the chance to open up and safely present his or her struggles and concerns, I begin to understand how that person experiences themselves in the larger world, how they relate to others and how they approach problem solving.

Working from Relational Theory and Family Systems models, my therapy style facilitates engagement with clients around their personal stories and how those stories hinder or enhance their ability to not only manage life, but to live it fully. 

There are often areas of change that are best addressed with the addition of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and/or  Eye Movement and Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR). For challenges of depression, loss, emotional abuse, compulsive behaviors and self-defeating belief patterns, I incorporate CBT and also, EMDR into my general therapy model if clinically appropriate. Mindfulness awareness and Mindfulness Meditation are other important components of therapy in the the pursuit of decreased anxiety and better mood regulation.

Dually licensed as a Registered Nurse and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I focus on the importance of physical well being while in pursuit of emotional well being. Medical issues of any kind can be discussed in our sessions, with the keen awareness that body and mind are fully integrated. 

I encourage "homework" after sessions, as insight and change cannot occur in just 55 minutes a week. I may suggest specific reading, meditation, active use of relaxation skills, journaling and out of session "challenges" as supportive home experiences. 


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